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About Borgo Otto 



Alessandra Cahill has always had a passion for colour, sustainability, recycling and beautiful design pieces that last a lifetime. A former human rights lawyer, in 2016-2018 she undertook a career change in a bid to pursue her love for creativity, and studied Interior Design at both Central Saint Martins and KLC School of Design.


She noticed that while there is no shortage of brilliant interior designers in London, many target the very luxury end of the spectrum. In contrast, she believes everyone can enjoy beautiful surroundings, without spending a fortune, if they have the right approach and know where to source the perfect pieces. 


Alessandra established her design practice, Borgo Otto, in 2018 – named after  the house she was born in Italy.  Since then, she has worked on a number of projects in the UK and Italy, from residential homes to a beauty salon, developing excellent working relationships with architects, local decorators, joiners and builders. 


Ethical design


During her 16 years working as a human rights advocate for Amnesty International, Alessandra managed an intense workload and responsibilities, travelling to many countries, taking inspiration from different cultures and learning how often the West exploits local resources and labour in the global South. 

Through her work, she learnt the importance of careful budgeting and deadline management and this, coupled with her natural attention to detail, has led her to adopt an ethical  and sustainable process-driven framework for interior design.


Biophilic design, Colour and lighting


Alessandra firmly believes that light, colour and being in nature can influence human behaviour and provoke specific emotions. Increasing our homes connection to nature is proved way to decrease stress level. We are all unique, so the colours that make us happy will naturally vary, but some tones always promote an air of restful calm and are therefore ideal for bedrooms, while others promote productivity and are perfect for use in a home office or study. 


Choosing a colour palette for a project can be daunting. Having someone with an expert eye to talk you through different orientations, the mood you hope to achieve and to propose workable options will save you time and money.


Whatever their personal taste or preference, Alessandra helps her clients better understand how to make their home feel brighter and cosier.   

The added value of hiring an interior designer.

Taking the stress out


Refurbishing a property can often feel stressful, but it need not be. 


Generally speaking, most people tend to hire an architect and builder to oversee the redesign of their home or commercial space. Many fail to see how efficient – in terms of time and budget - it is to hire an interior designer too.


Often, people are pushed into taking hasty decisions without considering the project as a whole, simply because deadlines are pressing. Meanwhile, London has such a vast variety of places to source materials, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed by choice: you may end up buying something at a higher price than necessary, or a budget piece that looks good but doesn’t fit the overall scheme. Taking decisions in isolation can compromise the potential of your project. 


An interior designer will have a black book bursting with contacts and access to trade prices, and, more importantly, will take the time to understand exactly what the client has in mind, ensuring that the end result feels cohesive throughout, and stands the test of time. 


To book a consultation with Alessandra get in contact, the first consultation, if within the London area, is free of charge

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