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Il Salone del Mobile (and Fuori Salone)2022

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Some of the highlights for what we will see in interiors in the next months.

Il #Salone del Mobile turned sixty this year and after the quiet years of the lock down, the world biggest interiors exhibition has come back in style. An explosion of ideas from the most established brands in the Salone itself to the independent designers at the Fuori Salone. I went with my 11 years old daughter, so my visit was not as long as I would have wanted but below some of the highlights.

What I am coveting.

The re-edition of the #BANDB

Bambole sofas and chairs. Re made in #recycledmaterial and suitable for exteriors. I just love the chubbiness of these and the research that has gone into it building something which is kind to the environment.


Lots of clusters everywhere, for pendant lightings, but also for mirrors, nothing comes alone and shapes and sizes are all different. #clusterpendants. #clusterofmirrors

The kitchen islands are mutating. Common thread is that the islands are statements in itself, often made of marble, but not your usual Carrara one, they are coloured often with two or more different stones, like a patchwork of stones ! Shape wise the usual rectangle has been superseded by different creative shapes, two islands, linked by a breakfast bar, L shapes, all go ! Bear mind you would need a pretty big kitchen to accommodate island like these !

Some kitchen companies have created counter tops which looks the same as marble (or very similar ) but that have more functional properties, they do not absorb dirt /liquids and are heat resistant. Interesting shapes were everywhere too, with the kitchen table somehow incorporated in the islands, lots of softer circular shapes too.

Dressyourwalls #dressyourwalls

Panelling has evolved into more modern forms, the walls are rarely seen bare, from timber to soft and sheer material, we have seen the come back of the arazzi too #arazzi #wallpanelling

The extractor fans

Extractor fans have been considered a functional part of the kitchen, however they seem to be assuming decorative forms too, from industrial to maximalist there were some very quirky extractors in Milan. Same for stoves and fridges, while we have seen them in colours for a while, they are now propping up with patterns.

Everything floats #floatinginteriors

Lots of hanging chairs everywhere, but also flowers installations, beds that seem to be hovering off the floor and lots of cleaver space saving ideas to hang bikes chairs and pretty much everything !

This is not a new trend, but seems to be here to stay and it is not limited to timber, tiles are also 3Ds and create fluted surface. Slats are also used to #zoneout different areas. Scallops still going strong too

Pretty much everywhere, most designers are researching ways to become more sustainable and re-use material. lots of #recycledplastic that looks like terrazzo, reusing plastic bottles to create the most amazing material and this is just so good to witness.

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