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How to hack an IKEA chest of drawers

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Transform your budget IKEA chest of drawers into a beautiful and contemporary piece, that you will treasure for ever. #ikeahack

IKEA furniture are very functional and simple and can always be transformed into bespoke pieces that will stand out. I love to be surrounded by timber, as I love the smell of untreated wood. I also like the fact that timber contains no man made chemicals or toxic varnishing. Dowels are very cheap and versatile and you can cover pretty much everything with them. They have a lovely half moon #organicshape. Depending on your budget on how much you want to spend you can either buy pine or oak and readily available in most builders merchants shops.

I had bought a white KULLEN chest of drawers, as I needed more storing space.

What I have used:

1) Pine dowels 18mm for the sides and 12mm for the front of the drawers. I have taken all measurements and asked the shop to give to cut them to size for me already.

2) Glue gun. I have used PlasCrete Mega Bond, which I think is great, but I am sure other similar glues will work.

3) A piece of old Carrara marble offcut, that I kept from our kitchen worktop. The space for the sink. `the builders immediately tried to throw it away, but I knew that one day I would find a way to use it #circulareconomy

How I have done it:

I have started taking the first drawer out, laid it flat on the floor, placed the dowels on the front of the draw and made sure they are spaced out equally, you should not really see any white, underneath. Next I glue the back of each dowel and stuck it in on the drawer's front surface. There is some room for manoeuvring if it is not perfect, before the glue settles in fully.

Once all drawers were done I have turned the chest of drawer flat on one side and repeated the same thing with the sides let one side settle and then did the other. I have cut few smaller pieces myself to make sure I could not see any parts of there old white chest of drawers on the sides, but it did not look bad without these either.

Finally I have placed the marble off cut on top, it is not the perfect size and could not be cut to size either, as it was slightly smaller in one corner, so I decided to leave it as it is as it is really not visible when you place a plant or vase on top of it. The border are also quite rough and irregular, but I do not mind that either.

If you look at the chest of drawers from the sides it has this lovely #scallopedshape, smells so good and look so much better than before I think. If you want more information on how to do it do get in contact at

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